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Reduce exposure to Covid-19 and start shopping online

Hey loves! This is a longggg vlog, but I hope you guys enjoy it. Its a 2 week vlog. This vlog is hilarious by the way lol
Sorry it was late I was having technical difficulties for days!

LED lights for mirror https://amzn.to/2Rap8IC
Phone stand https://amzn.to/2QyCG0P
Clear coffee mug https://amzn.to/2Redv3h
Braid by my @laidbylana on IG (ATL AREA)

I N S T A G R A M @brixana https://www.instagram.com/brixana/
T W I T T ER @brixana_ https://mobile.twitter.com/brixana_


The Struggle Continues


  1. im so pissed people were being negative about the LA vlog, my mom & i THOROUGHLY enjoyed it!! you’re totally right.. people hate to see you enjoying yourself! the quality was just fine to me and it was very enjoyable

  2. You def need to do something to create fun content. I’m still subscribed and trying to feel your vibe but it’s kinda boring. I’ll keep trying…I always say I’m not for everyone and that’s also true for others. Good luck making new content.

  3. You should rent a studio high rise for content because you’ll surely miss your home and parking space. Being home can be discouraging sometimes but getting an office space would help you a lot

  4. Aw sounds like you’re in a bit of a funk girl! You should invest in some supplements to boost your mood, I use Dopa Macuna and Ashwaganda and when I use the two of them together I have more energy, I feel more motivated and I even sleep better. Natural high vibes!

  5. New subie ! loved this vlog. Love how we get to know you Kirah & Allyiah on all 3 channels.
    Also how did you display the game on the screen ? I really enjoyed that felt like we were at the game night too 😅

  6. I can understand why you want a high rise because nowadays the high rise have so many amenities which causes you to do more and show more as a YouTuber. You don’t always have to be in one space but your townhouse so nice you just need to Redecorate to your new feel of flow. I am a Scorpio too I know that feeling but I love to change things and plan things out.

  7. if you love your home, stay. it’s beautiful. i think you just should switch up your beauty room if you have an urge to switch something up and then try a different filming style

  8. Hey beautiful Bri your content is great! Your personality is everything. Just letting you know what I would like to see from your channel.

    I would love to see fashion videos. Your fashion is everything. What to wear on date nights, hanging out w/ friends, your more chill outfits like for errands etc. include luxury pieces.
    Give us some chit chat get ready videos. I truly enjoyed the times you sat down and talk to us about your past/ childhood. Your makeup be looking beautiful. Even if it’s simple.
    Show us your cleaning videos. Like when you redo your closet or change things on your home. I would like to see the before and after look.
    Also pack with me videos since you be traveling.
    I hope this helps beautiful BRI. I adore you! 🥰

  9. I think we all experience this where you just get “bored” in your space . I would definitely focus on the home remodeling . That would 1) give new/fresh content and 2) give you a reset/new look for your home. My vote is to stay! But other ideas I would love to see is some clothing hauls, love the unboxing videos so continue with those , maybe with the weekly vlog you can do a “what I wear in a week” type of thing. You dress things up but you also rock the athleisure look very well! Xoxo 💛

  10. Add a serum/oil/spray leave-in after straightening, I live in a really humid country and my hair gets static even tho my hair is naturally straight and my hair lady told me it's because of the dryness that comes after applying heat to your hair

  11. Loving this extra long vlog. Also love the taste of the BADIA Complete Seasoning….but if it matters to you, it does contain a substantial amount of MSG. Just looking out.

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