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2013 Dancing Dolls Try Outs (Captains Agility)


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  1. Love2The9s says:

    85 did the dern thang!

  2. i can do all that 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Are we gonna talk about that couple in the front row at beginning

  4. tamia cant do a toetouch

  5. i love you guys i watch your show every time it comes on

  6. I want to sing up👑👑👑👑thay rock

  7. 87 thooooooooo ew

  8. Heaven Couch says:

    what if you can't do a split

  9. the third girl should be the captin she has the best dealth drop and split and back bean

  10. ANNIE POOH says:

    85 killed that step jump!

  11. Omar says:

    #85 killed that shit!

  12. Doris Dixon says:

    #85 killed it😎😇😄

  13. HD Beatz says:

    i see why kayla was chosen 💪👏

  14. jjross60 says:

    I say 85 should be captin she did it fast and correct

  15. 3:34 what's the trick again???

  16. the light skin gotta go

  17. I know this was a hard decision

  18. the reason she choose kayla because she had room to be taught

  19. the people o. the floor is Kayla caleda and tamia but idk the other one

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