*** 24/01/2017 *** *Analysis on the Wicked Government’s “Divide-and-Rule” Tactics*. * It is obviou…

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*** 24/01/2017 ***

*Analysis on the Wicked Government’s “Divide-and-Rule” Tactics*.

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* It is obvious that La Republique government wants to use “bilingualism” to ‘swallow’ and ‘erase’ Southern Cameroonians”.

* Now, in a bid to discredit CATTU, La Republique government is CLAIMING to recognise an *illegitimate* association (SWETA: SW Teachers Association) which has just 8 long-throat members, who are principals and other educational administrators!

* La Republique government CLAIMS Mr. Tameh’s *TAC* recommended that there should be only one national “Teachers Associations” *TAC*, and regional teachers associations. So CRTV claims TAC supports SWETA, and recommends the creation of NWETA, both under TAC.

* Now, there are only TWO possibilities here: either:
– La Republique government is still perpetrating DIVIDE-AND-RULE by lying in TAC’s name, or they’ve BRIBED *TAC* to purport these witchcraft claims!

* Whatever the case, WE the Anglophone Teachers from West Cameroon, *disregard and ban the illegitimate SWETA. We remain true to our cause, and adhere to the directions of the Anglophone Consortium!*.

God bless us all.



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The Struggle Continues

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