90s Classic French Rap Mix vol.2 (ft. IAM, Mc Solaar, Different Teep, Afro Jazz, Fabe, Kohndo..)

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◦ It’s no coincidence that French rap is one of the most important rap scenes in the world. The 90s in France, an era that’s overflowing with timeless albums : deep and complex lyrics, unrivalled biting flows and powerful productions. Emcees of great stature and personality, capable of embodying their roles to perfection as the players in a new scene that had the important role of relating social and political issues of minorities that hardly had the chance to have themselves heard.

We made these ’90s Classic French Rap’ Mixes to display French emcees and producers’ talent beyond the boarders of France, and to pay homage to the cultural heritage they left behind. Feel free to give them props if you like their music, even if you don’t speak French! ✊

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💿Mix by Dckne
✍Cover by Dckne

90s Classic French Rap Mix vol.2 : A collection of Classic and Underground French Rap tracks from the golden era (1994 – 1998) + a few bangers from the 2000’s (2001 – 2009)


■ About French Hip-hop :

Although America is clearly at the top of the hip-hop food chain, France has always been a fairly close second, with a thriving scene that dates back to the mid-80s. A huge factor in the development of French hip-hop was the TV show HIPHOPaired, which featured music videos and live performances from global rap artists (even Kurtis Blow passed through one time). The show even pre-dated Yo! MTV Raps, suggesting that mainstream French culture was more ready to accept hip-hop than America was at that time.

Like hip-hop across the pond, and most other cultures, it was birthed in France through political movement and was used as a tool to protest the treatment of poverty-stricken citizens in Parisian ghettos and the racial discrimination immigrants and their children faced. It really was (and still is) their one true voice. The scene there has rapidly developed into something incredibly diverse-sounding—political hip-hop is still at the core, but gangsta and jazz-infused rap has also risen to prominence.

Rap evolved in France in a very similar way to what happened in the States but on a slight time delay, as it was the mid-90s where legends really started to be created. Some of this was thanks to the influence of Mathieu Kassovitz’s iconic film, La Haine (which is basically a French Do The Right Thing), and its thumping hip-hop soundtrack that included pioneering groups such as Assassin and NTM. The French hip hop scene is still booming today, especially in Paris, which has a fierce underground scene and where most of the country’s prominent rappers reside.
– Sam Moore, complex UK


📝Tracklist :

01. 00:00 Kohndo – R.E.R (Soul Brother Blend)
02. 02:23 Afro Jazz – Sucker MC (1997)
03. 05:35 Les Sages Poètes de la Rue – Noble Cause (1997)
04. 09:06 IAM – Bouger la tête (1996)
05. 12:07 Karlito – D’Orly à Orly (Interlude I) (2001)
06. 14:21 Different teep – Echec (1997)
07. 17:24 Mafia K’1 fry – Une vie de malheur (1997)
08. 19:56 Karlito – La rue cause (2001)
09. 22:46 EJM – Criminel (1997)
10. 25:36 EJM – Wild Style (1997)
11. 26:00 Ekoue – Leçon de Patriotisme (2009)
12. 28:15 Afro Jazz – La Teci (1997)
13. 30:36 Shurik’n – Les miens (1998)
14. 33:47 Chiens de Paille – L’encre de ma plume (2001)
15. 36:48 Liste Noire – Treicheville Sérénade (1998)
16. 38:40 Sléo – L’idée d’apparence (1995)
17. 40:48 MC Solaar – Séquelles (1994)
18. 44:20 Menelik & la Tribu – maldonne (1995)
19. 46:37 Fabe – Quand j’serai grand (DJ Mehdi remix) (1998)


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This mix was made exclusively for Magical Mystery Mix


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49 thoughts on “90s Classic French Rap Mix vol.2 (ft. IAM, Mc Solaar, Different Teep, Afro Jazz, Fabe, Kohndo..)”

  1. Anyone know if there’s a playlist or something on Spotify I could follow that has music like this?? Idk what to look up but it’s 90s Jazz hip hop and I can’t find anything/ don’t know the specific artists to look up

  2. Les lyrics rien que ça c de la tuerie les années 90 déclassent toute merde actuel mes je précise bien pour ne pas froisser la new school toute merde je dit bien car il y'a du bon chez certain avant on ne pouvait pas les compter sur les doigt de la main maintenant oui hélas c la q est l os

  3. This is perfect. Bought a Melaaz LP a few years ago but didn’t put the time to dig further. Would you consider her a prominent player in the game? I like what I hear. Nice summarization on the history of French Hip-Hop. Subbed!

  4. Là on parle de RAP , en voilà et j’en redemande du constat de société !!!! Tout est meilleure quand rien est acquit que vive les anciens précurseurs de la cité qu’on su porté leurs couilles quoi qu’ils en soient et quoi qu’ont en disent !! Respect à nous message du fond de la cellule !!! Le combat continue tant que la rue cause !!!!!!!!!! WESH

  5. représente la génération des quarantenaires. j imagine mal les jeunes de 15 ans partager 20 ans après ce qu ils écoutent maintenant. j pense qu ils vont se sentir bien débiles avec leur autothune et leurs textes de 4 phrases qui ne font passer aucun message

  6. Big Wesh aux anciens squatteurs de halls et autres sentinelles urbaines des tiequ's de l'époque….Toujours partis pour la Crapulerie nocturne..Avec le blason de la tess sur la face et la tête en vrille….

  7. superbe sélection, rien à jeter.
    je constate qu'il ya beaucoup d'etranger dans les commentaires, ça fait plaisir. Sachez mes amis que vous avez ici du rap Francais pur jus de tres grande qualité😉.

  8. Comparé au rap de maintenant c'est devenu clairement de l'art avec la maîtrise de la plume, il faudrai que les jeunes de nos jours se plonge dans le rap de cette époque car maintenant c'est plus ce que c'était à l'époque

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