A Closer Look: Afro-Colombians | VBX Familia Speaks

1 year ago

#AfroColombians #BlackColombians

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The Struggle Continues

17 thoughts on “A Closer Look: Afro-Colombians | VBX Familia Speaks”

  1. Thank you for listening to my request. You spoke the truth here and I really appreciate this.. It's so good to hear about my african history in colombia. I was born in Cali btw. People in nyc are shocked when I tell them I am colombian. Lol prs and drs believe me to be from panama

  2. Speaking of Afro Colombians, have you heard of the Afro Colombian hip hop trio called choquibtown? Their music is tight. Colombia does have one of the largest black populations outside of Africa. The salsa duo Son de Cali are also two Afro Colombian guys. Also one of the most famous Afro Colombian salsa cumbia legend whose music I know of is Joe Arroyo RIP.

  3. Hey XTina I don't want to overwhelm you LOL. I know you have a lot of requests your subscribers have sent you. Whenever you have time or in the future, can you do a video of Dominicanos en Puerto Rico?

  4. Awesome summary on Afro-Colombians. I don't know too many black Colombians but for the ones that I do have this weird thing against Palenque and Palenqueros. I guess it's because they openly embrace their African roots and just like the rest of Latin America, that's something not to be really proud of.

  5. Wow the music and chants does something to mi alma en serio. Espero que viajar a toda
    Latinoamérica y el caribe. conectarme con mis raíces son muy importantes para mí.

  6. They were their before 16th century…. our history always starts from the 16th century if we continue listening to Caucasian’s version … there has been archeological finds that predates the so called native…. still love the education❤️❤️❤️

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