A History Of The Bamileke People

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44 thoughts on “A History Of The Bamileke People”

  1. The work you do is so impressive. Thank you for revealing aspects of African history, culture of world's view to the world. Could we have a video on bassa tribe (Cameroon)? This is my tribe of Origin. Thanks Bro. We are so proud of you. Keep it up πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

  2. My maternal ancestors are Bamileke. So, how and why did so many of us ended up in the transatlantic slave trade. My maternal 5th generation grandmother's name was Kisiah (Kiziah) Turner from Brown Hill, Franklin Virginia. I also found another name on a document Rigrak Sirmer date of birth listed as 1770 year of death in 1870. I was wondering if the name Rigrak Simer rings a bell for Bamilekes or Cameroonians that read this comment. Thank you

  3. I am a proud Bamileke boy! To add to this story, the majority of enslaved people transported to the new world were Bamilekes. It wasn't without very bloody resistance though! As they were seen to be physically very strong, big and muscular.

  4. Great Video! To clear a few things up, the Dschand are one of many people in the Grassfields. Not all BamilΓ©kΓ© are Dschang but we are close relatives.

    BamilΓ©kΓ© is a modern way to say Peh Me Lah Kay which means "People of Faith" or "People of the Mountains". The BamilΓ©kΓ© descend primarily from three groups:

    1. Kemeto Nubians from the Hapi River Valley
    2. Sao people from Tchad
    3. Proto Igbo people from the Cross River Valley in Eastern Nigeria.

  5. many Afro Americans are actually bamileke. Cameroon must open up its doors to afro descendants just like Ghana. Africa belongs to all afro descendants. we can make this continent the strongest ecinomically and militarily. Imagine Africa will be more than half the world population by 2100. with the help of our endless natural resources we can feed billions of people on and outa the continent . we must be visionaries and think about our race first just like others think about theirs. Sorry but we must put race first. globalization is a hoax and the Chinese understood this fast. Lets try to connect withw our afro brothers from India Pakistan (the siddhi etc) Venezuela colombia Mexico etc lets be proactive. Heres some links showing how demographically powerful we will be




  6. I am a Cabinda-Atetela,from DRC.your knowledge is astounding,you still got me on how thourgh your facts are wow,you sir are amazing,your extensive knowledge is just out of this world because you are so spot on,AFRIKAN history is undermined with developments of these videos we will,through ancestral Power refuel the Diaspora.Lets get Working,again I support you and will do my best to support.πŸŒπŸ‘ŠπŸŽ†%Man know thyself.

  7. Good job and big thank you for what you are doing .i am from cameroon and west part of cameroon have an amazing history .and still today they keep their traditions and culture.secret society still existe.

  8. This people dress kinda like yoruba of Nigeria. Especially the king… But checking online they're listed as bantoid groups which makes them distinct from Yoruba , I'm surprised wow.

  9. Man, thank you very much. I think I found here the origin of the Marimonda Mask that makes famous the Carnival of Barranquilla, Colombia, the city I am from, which of course also has a wide African heritage. Thanks

  10. This is my MtDNA (mother's lineage) sometime ago ,perhaps between the 8th and 12th generation (now 21st ) of the Atlantic- African experience, a woman or a girl was packed on a European vessell on Bioko Island or Calabar Nigeria after a forced trek
    from the Cameroon highlands. She landed somewhere on the east coast of America, perhaps Virginia or maybe South Carolina. Her lineage, maybe her grandaughter first shows up on record as being born in Missouri right after that state was opend up
    for settelment. Undoubtley, another forced trek . Her daughter shows up on record with the name Caroline in Mississippi before the American civil war. That was another forced trek. Caroline was forced with her owners to go to Texas during the war where
    her daughter Sallie was born. After the war, they retured to Mississippi to a new type of life called Freedom. Then sometime before the turn of that century (1900 ) my mother.'s grandmother wa born (V).. Then around 1910,, my grandmother, (O) my spirt
    was born.. She is inside me , just as some ancestor was in her. My mother born in the 18th Gen still lives . That MtDNA runs in my nieces and many cousins.

  11. ah ah ah ah thanks Home Team History for sharing this video and talking about the most powerful and industrial tribe of Africa! The Bamileke will rise again as the true children of Israel. We're the real Jewish.

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