A No Kunny Respond to Dr Ebenezar Akwanga

3 weeks ago

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Dr Ebenezar Akwanga facebook talks.
Capo Daniel
DDC Ambazonia Defense Forces
Ndong Emma Sense Pass King


The Struggle Continues

14 thoughts on “A No Kunny Respond to Dr Ebenezar Akwanga”

  1. Papa Akwanga na chocolate man, he di go for Ghana to Switzerland just to chopping chopping he chocolate den turn back for America, who di fool who Ambazonians because i see sey Sako too di chopping chopping chocolate from Switzerland and LRC this na wonderful palaver, chocolate competition Ambazonians who di fool who?

  2. Birth of the same camps ADF and akwanga are out to destroy, lrc is giving him nightmares for not doing the job he collected money for,, akwanga has bought a house in Ghana 🇬🇭 believe it or not, that is the fact.. sisiko/ayaba are Same people with akwanga.. God go punish wunna all… wunna don try for spoil Swiss talks because e no di favor lrc, lrc pay wunna
    Ayaba ADF, sisiko, akwanga for destroy am right??? Ambazonias must be free..

  3. Just like Sako, Anu, and Hebert, Akwanga is setting himself up very well on the wrong side of history of the Ambazonian war of liberation against LRC's colonialism.
    Whenever the liberation will be completed, with LRC being KICKED OUT OF AMBAZONIA, No history book, nor documentary on the struggle will be kind to him.

  4. Akwanga is already finish. All Ambazonians know of his greed and the alliance with LRC and HD and he still think people are foolish. Forget Akwanga and Sako Anu link because we know the dirty games with these scammers.

  5. Akwanga disappeared from the struggle the day HD Swiss gave him chocolate, flight in first class to Swiss, Sleep in hotels with prostitutes. We never hear of Akwanga anymore since Swiss started. Now he wants to come back to create confusion.

  6. All of you, Ayaba, Akwanga, Sako, are all idiots. Non of you have SC at heart. God will frustrate you. We didn't consult any of you to start this revolution. Sako, is a criminal with Chris anu. aAyaba cho is an empty backing dog. Nothing to proof. Akwanga is a confused prisoner who wants to get people to him by all. How. All of you have this Dr, I doubt the legacy of your qualifications if you can't reason. All of you are destroying our struggle. We have lost more land now thank ever before. Capo is an empty noise maker.

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