24 thoughts on “A peaceful and truthful message to DR Mumbai”

  1. I love you Elder. Its sad that mind control is in Africa along with everywhere else. Gatekeepers. Coons. And folks on the payroll. Smh. The Knowledge you put out is awesome. She got a point of lacking Knowledge in some places. Thats why we are grateful to you. Of course it gets stressful waking up sheeple. But you Elder stay sexy and keeping it real. I like your both. But you real real. No offense to anyone. Peace

  2. As a Kenyan i would just like too say that we do not share the same views as Dr Mumbi and others who think like her. For one i know the struggles the African Americans have gone through. And i do wish the African leaders could do more for the people there. But how can they when they can't even do right for us here. We African sometimes walk around with our chests out blowing our own trumpets just because of the little we have not knowing that that is nothing compared to what we should really have. They say the limit is the sky. We have what we need to reach the moon but we have been programmed to love seating in the mountain tops. Like that's as far as we can reach. We have been programmed to love not those who look like us but only those who speak our language. African Americans ask why some of us are so cold towards them. But that coldness is not shown to only African Americans but also to others of different tribes. That's why we are always at war. That's why we are always getting bad leaders. Our politicians have learnt how to use the divide and conquer weapon of the colonizers and they use it well. Look at Dr Mumbi's videos about the Kenyan elections and tell me if her views even though she says are neutral do not support one side, then tell me it's a coincident that that side is headed by a member of her tribe. That is why Africa is not moving forward and growing like it should. But things will change soon.
    African Americans have come so far. Your ancestors were betrayed by their leaders and brothers and sold to the white man. Taken to a far away hell. Tortured for centuries but you still have managed to make something out of yourselves. Nobody should look down on that. In fact you should be applauded for all you have done. But like Africans you are on the mountain top. Your journey is still not over.
    I truly believe you are the Joseph to our story. You will save Africa. But 1st you have to accept Africa into your family and then forgive Africa for the wrongs it has done. It will be hard because Africa has been corrupted. But it can be done.
    But i do wish you all stop taking all this DNA tests to find out which tribe you belong to. You are a gift to Africa. Not a gift to a tribe but to the whole continent. Do not let a test tell you where in Africa you belong. Instead come and visit different places in Africa and let your heart tell you where you belong.
    Maybe one day we will have a new tribe in Africa. A tribe called Africa.
    Be blessed.
    >——AFRICAN KINGS———>

  3. This man is right on point. Let that be a message to all Africans, and all other immigrants that come to American disrespecting the very people who made their immigration possible; the African American. It is time that the world recognize. Thank you Baba Rahson.

  4. If you want an African liberation dialogues platform don’t talk about black American in your speech, they will run you down criticizes you even in human natural errors, imagine they run down even on their own slave counterpart who try to help them imean the constant self hate programming is beyond imagination

  5. despite insult and persecution africans that have broken minds continue to bow down to gods of europeans and arabs that do not look like them. that's cooning. its reason for african failure. STOP bowing down to the gods of other races and have some self respect. Only bow down to a god that looks like you.

  6. After she made that nasty video with Mumbi rolling her eyes, ducking her teeth and that demon manifesting thru her. .I unsubscribed from her channel quickly. Before she judge do her history of the trans Atlantic slave trade one of the greatest evil and injustices that has been perpetuated in the history of mankind upon a particular group of people. Over 100 million killed…black African holocaust that although the white Europeans tried to erase and put in the background, the matrix and lying stories are crumpled….

  7. hey pops why are you downing Africans and African leaders because this so called Dr Mumbai may have insulted you or you think she has insulted all black Americans. I usually disagree with Dr Mumbai, but pops, you need to get your brain check or simply refrain from making such pronouncements. Glad you are not my dad.

  8. I really don't know why people are under that Dr Mumbi's spell. She is a divisve person who is taking peoples money. If you look at a lot of here video's they tend to turn our people on the continent and in diaspora one against the other. And then every once in a while she'll do a video that pretemds she is about unity like she's the pied piper. People are not using their discernment with her.

  9. My brothers and sisters, my elders, I beg you to stop criticising her, instead help and collect her where she went wrong, she is helping Africa, most especially from the bad plans of whites to destroy blacks in Africa, through immunisation, food and water poisoning,she has helped Africans to wake up the see whites as the enemies of black race

  10. Nigga!? You have a problem!! Are you not suppose to be looked at as an intelligent man? What are you talking about and to who? If you understand for how long we have been sleeping and divided and oppressed and you know we suppose to preach massages of love and unite, don't upload negative comments on your chanell when you notice them instead find a way to talk to her privately and collect her if you think you're right! Talking negative towards a person like you or her is unintelligent because we depend on you guys for awakening us! Be good my Man

  11. No one is perfect and if you guys knows that was wrong, it doesn't mean you're right! The truth is let's keep on learning and don't take negatives too far we are late, we suppose to be supporting each other on positive issues and let go of the small errors

    Am from Africa and guys, we have suffered enough let's get aggressive and united please we love you so much and we need ourselves. Stay blessed

  12. All this hatred from both sides should stop. It is not only Africans that are suffering. Look at what is happening in the Middle East-Saudi's are bombing Yemen. Yemen is a pure Shit hole,Iraq with Arabs are toast. Libya is filled with warlords-unrest every where. Iran's Economy is in the Tank. Widespread poverty is hitting Lebanon as I write. Tunisia is facing economic crisis. East Europe is facing unrest. Issues also in Asia.

    Wars and Desolation is not only on Africans or African Americans.

    It is just that as of now problems plaque Africans and African Americans more but other Races are having their fair share of life woes. We should know all this.

  13. AA and Africans are to different and have very little in common. It's better us Africans get people less broken and with fewer issues to form coalition with. America for Americans, Africa for Africans.

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