18 thoughts on “A Priest shares his view and explain why struggle must continue.”

  1. Very insightful… Felt so sad when you pointed out that: "… Cameroon has enough resources to satisfy the needs of every Cameroonian but NOT ENOUGH resources to satisfy the needs of every GREEDY Cameroonian!"

  2. Father,I am proud of the solid formation you have as a catholic priest. Besides you are just doing what is right and apt at the moment. You have spoken like a prophet which is just your mission and Our mission as baptised catholics. You are in my prayers. Thanks alot. May God guard you always on the track.

  3. This battle can only be won if it turns it into a general battle. What do I mean? if the English speaking part fuses with one or two provinces from the french speaking part. It will eventually galvanise a momentum to engage all the whole country and the fruits shall be seen. Let's not react as if Froncophones are better off here, no make no mistake! they too are just desperate for a solution to get rid of the Yaounde dictatorship.

  4. Well said Man of God and with the fear of God. The Catholic church in The Democratic Republic of Congo brought peace to their Land by tactful negotiations. God help Cameroon.

  5. CRTV don't speak about this issue anymore. Fuck off P.B & ur gvt. My deepest sympathy and condolences go to the families of those who lost their lives. May all rest in PEACE God bless!

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