1. Ayaba is a king of kidnapping in Cameroon. He makes money in top of blood of innocents Cameroonian army. His problem is not buea his real goal us money and leadership. It's time to put him aside.

  2. You are all idiots and amateurs who are learning to climb the ladders of leadership on the backs of sacrificial thousands on GZ. Southern Cameroonians, we are intellectually better than this. I watched and listened to one Mollah from UK on youtube, felt deeply sadden and, I grudgingly came to the conclusion that true Federalism might be the only best bet for Southern Cameroons. Who cares whether a frontline leader/activist hails from the northern or southern zone, as long as the individual is contributing in sending shivers down the spine of LRC. This is not a picnic play in the parks and, definitely not a competition of the saints. At this stage of the revolution, we've got to learn to accommodate some frontline leaders/activists with inflated egos and aggrandizement whose primary target audience is LRC. It's the language LRC understands best and, is more susceptible to – anyone who is shrewd enough to beat LRC at their game, shouldn't be vilified. People, we'll be fine – when we finally get to Buea and dust off the enshrined democratic processes, this would help weed out irregularities that we are tolerating at this stage of the struggle. Chris Anu, you come here to talk about an insignificant $200 and, by so doing, you've helped to puncture a significant part of the awe of the diaspora, which has so far kept LRC in check. Folks, some of you, frontline leaders and activists, you are helping sow doubts about this revolution on the minds of ardent believers, with your devisive rhetoric – cut it out! Ironically, inconsequential geographic/landscape consideration (graffi etc) such as espoused by the likes of Mollah, is eroding the collective force that we need to unchain Southern Cameroon from LRC's grip. No zone can do.it alone.

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