A Return To Demonology In Keys? Single Target Wilfred's Dreadlash Testing in Theater of Pain!

2 months ago

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While farming for my Soulletting Ruby I wanted to test a bit with ST Dreadlash Demonology in Mythic +. While TOP is not the flashiest key for DPS, the build felt solid and transitions smoothly from pack to pack.

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Intro: 0:00
Patreon, Talents and Build: 0:48
Theater of Pain: 5:06


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The Struggle Continues

19 thoughts on “A Return To Demonology In Keys? Single Target Wilfred's Dreadlash Testing in Theater of Pain!”

  1. Hey man. I have been running dreadlash, soul strike, soul conduit and DC. Feels great and consistant between dogs and implosions.

    Oh and on this key and spires dont hold on to imps. They dont go though teleporters etc so are wasted

  2. I'm lowkey so mad now. I just got done farming torghast for a tier 3 implosion legendary, and now, especially because that feels so inconsistent, I need to switch to another one. The amount of fucks I have left to give is approaching zero very quickly

  3. Again you can't play anything but Soul Strike. You can play the game with other talents, and may never see issues. That's a joke you will see the issues, but there is a chance you won't on few pulls, and get premium parses. Keep in mind not alot of warlock play demo for this reason, and that's why the total number of parses is low. The history of pet pathing issues in wow is vast, and in shadowlands it's about the worst it's ever been. Soul Strike will 'un stuck' your pet when it experiences this issue. Using the pet attack ability will not 'un stuck' your pet. Pursuit will not 'un stuck' your pet. Only Soul Strike for some reason. Blizzard will not patch this issue, because it requires a complete overhaul of the world(s) design, and the pet's ai. Kalamazi is a good gamer, a nice guy, but does not share news of real issues that have plagued this class/spec for years. I'm not writing this to flame Kalamazi, but to spread awareness so that you are not deceived by builds you see on youtube.

  4. Is this a Joke? Good luck even getting invited to a pug mythic as a Warlock. Stop living in denial. Locks are absolutely the worst class in Mythic and they need a buff.

  5. Demonology: I love that we now have a proper interrupt.
    Demonology: I hate that I can't use my interrupt to bring a ranged caster into the group.

  6. I got lucky got ruby in my disappointment box! with valor should be maxed! demo has always been my fav spec affliction is fun too but destro just seems shallow!

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