A Short Documentary On The ICT University by MIMI MEFO INFO

2 weeks ago

Mimi Mefo Info was granted rare access to the most prestigious Information and Communication Technology University in Yaounde, Cameroon. The American University Serving Developing Nations, ICTU is an outstanding institution with branches in different parts of Africa. The institution stands tall academically on the continent as it uses English and French languages to train students with a purely American curriculum.

Since 2012, a committed team of experienced IT experts, lecturers, and administrators under the coordination of the Founder and President, board of trustees — Prof. Victor W. Mabarika Ph.D. has trained and graduated over 20.000 students from different countries in the world… with each of them, striving in excellence in their various fields.

Contacts: +237 671 430 030/ +237 651 060 049/ +237 682 388 572/ +237 678 764 037/ +237 674 349 829
Website: www.ictuniversity.edu.cm
Email: info@ictuniversity.edu.cm


The Struggle Continues

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