A Statement about the events in Bessi and the intertribal war in Mbawrong

4 days ago

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We welcome the statement of WACUDA but reiterate our warning for a blockade of Ntumbaw and a ban of transportation of copse into Ntumbaw for the rest of the year if the palace of Ntumbaw do not cease its collaboration with the Cameroun military vis a vis the tribal conflict with Njirong. All tribal conflicts should be put on hold during our war of liberation.
We asked all forces loyal to TTA commando to relocate into Numbeng or collaborate with the Ambazonia Defense Forces. We will not accept any force to creat a buffer against our forces and the Cameroun military.
We call on our people to remain focus.
Capo Daniel


The Struggle Continues

2 thoughts on “A Statement about the events in Bessi and the intertribal war in Mbawrong”

  1. Biafra and Ambazonia freedom is assured, Time for momentum is over, Freedom of Biafra means automatic freedom for Ambazonia, Ambozonia should create platform to get Biafra financial support, Biafra is funded very well by Biafrans in Diaspora, Biafra will like to see Ambazonia total freedom because this strategic alliance is very important and crucial for both States.

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