A Video Of Paul Biya's Message To Ambazonains On Anglophone Crisis | September 10th 2019

1 week ago

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Les dernières nouvelles vous apportent les dernières actualités dans le sud du Cameroun, alors que la crise socio-politique continue de secouer le pays. Nous vous apportons également les dernières nouvelles du monde, abonnez-vous à notre chaîne pour connaître les derniers événements dans les régions camerounaises du sud (anglophones).
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The Struggle Continues

6 thoughts on “A Video Of Paul Biya's Message To Ambazonains On Anglophone Crisis | September 10th 2019”

  1. TRUE SOUTHERN CAMEROONS: His excellency,
    the main problem here is that, Southern Cameroons is not two regions. It is a country of its own, with its own different national language and culture that was brought to unite with La Republique du Cameroon which is also another country that has its own different national language and culture. The disregard for this fact is where the problem lies. The people of Southern Cameroons want to maintain the English language and the Anglo Saxon culture as their national language and culture. To be assimilated one time is bad enough. ( Not really complaining about the English Language and Anglo Saxon culture) But they have seen that there is a gradual process to assimilate them into the French language, and French culture. The people of Southern Cameroons do not want to be usurped by La Republique du Cameroon. The people of Southern Cameroons are not a minority of a French speaking nation. They are a nation of Anglo Saxon Africans, and La Republique du Cameroon is a nation of Francophone Africans. Bilingualism in this land called Cameroon, is supposed to be, one European language, and one African language. Not two European languages. That land is Africa, not Europe. It is supposed to be; for instance; French and Ewondo. French and Douala. French and Bamilike, etc. English and Bakweri, English and Bali, English and Bayangi etc. Not French and English. A human being is only supposed to have one language, like every other animal. God created the world in tribes, and that is all he gave every tribe; just one language. Because of colonialism, we are supposed to learn two languages. A human being only has room for one. Two is one two many. So if we have to learn two European languages, where is the place for our own God given language? Then we stop being Africans, and become fake Europeans. When a people are disconnected from their God given roots, dysfunction sets in. And every distinct people have a God given right to govern themselves. If they are governed by another people, that is an abuse. Especially governed by another people with another foreign language and culture.
    The problem is not that ministers are not being appointed. It is that Southern Cameroons is being forced to assimilate into the French system. The problem of maginalisation is a normal problem that affects all nations of the world that can easily be solved with dialogue. But that is not the main problem here.
    The rule of law is a sham when people do not have a level playing field.
    If Southern Cameroonians become assimilated into the French system, that will not be a level playing field. It will be injustice, and there can be no peace where there is injustice, unless the people are suppressed.
    The violence going on in that land today, is like a serious fever on somebody who has cancer.
    The cancer is that, a people are being forced to abandon their God given, authentic identity, and they are resisting. That is what is part of what is causing the violence. Another thing that is causing the violence is the fact that, because Southern Cameroons was denied a government of her own that would have maintained the healthy values of the tribes of her land, the people of that land have adopted foreign values. That is another cause of the violence.
    If the caner is cured, the fever will heal.
    It is wrong to take away one's nationality of ones land of birth. That is a crime against God. That is something no body, nation or entity should take away from somebody, especially from people who come from nations that were colonised. Colonisation implanted in Africans the need to migrate. So, taking away their God given nationality is double punishment.
    May God bless my land of Birth,Southern Cameroons.

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