6 thoughts on “A warning to the Ambazonian leaders from an angry mom”

  1. Good tok big mami. We know tapang Ivo fine. Ih dong raise moni puttam for ye pocket. Tapang Ivo and ayaba dem no get work for ya for diaspora. Dem di send dat small small boys dem make dem terrorize people take money. So like Chris Anu tok, any information di commot na for ig. Tapang and ayaba dem na just scammers. Dem just di use the struggle for make moni. If you be see ayaba ye behavior time whe dem call all leaders dem for make unity and peace you for understand say all ye want na division so that make ih takeam make money. So make any man hear fine Ayaba and Tapang dem di take money from atanga nji di cause confusion for discredit the ig. But we know their tactics we generals on the ground know dem and we be ready for dem

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