15 thoughts on “ABDUL KARIM ALI on point as usual about the crisis in Southern Cameroons”

  1. I'm proud of you Mr Abdul Karim to say the list. Honesty has been bought in Cameroon by lucifer Paul Biya. People like Mr Abdul are hard to find in corrupted La Republique du Cameroon. Thank you my dear brother.

  2. If this government feels that they are above the people let them touch this guy and see how the Muslims will turn Cameroon to a self exploded boom,Atanga nji just try ,the way this guy talks now shows the anger of the Muslim world couple with the joke Atanga nji did with the Koran in ngoundere

  3. Mr Abdul K GOD will reward u for speaking truth. The truth is bitter but it must be spoken.
    A very failed government.
    A country where if people protest they will arrest them, kill and jailed them.

  4. The guy is eloquent, direct and pours his mind without any thought of fear. As of now to me honesty is missing and this government wouldn't tender to listen to those who believe a tangible solution to this problem lies with its root cause

  5. This is one of our marvelous Gz leader. Mr Abdul, we re praying for you until together, we arrive Buea. Fools sit and say, diaspora has spoil Cameroon meanwhile we keep saying, we have enough leaders on gz. Hope our pple are getting the risk, our brother is taking to pass an information to the so called federalists and unionist. We re gone or we will fight till the last man standing. Nonsense. Thk you our leader. Pls keep your self safe from the witchcraft of lrp as you leave Equinox

  6. I would love to have a seating with this courageous, truthful and well read Abdu Karim. May the Almighty continue to give you strength! The regime is extremely corrupt and genocide oriented. Their days are numbered!

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