ABN Radio Gospelfest 2017 Highlight – Emmanuel Smith

2 years ago

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Produced By ABN TV – Sky Channel 195 & Virgin Channel 842


The Struggle Continues

11 thoughts on “ABN Radio Gospelfest 2017 Highlight – Emmanuel Smith”


    You deserve the glory & the honor
    Lord, we lift our hands in worshipΒ 
    As we lift Your holy name

    For You are great
    You do miracles so great
    There is no one else like You…x2

  2. This was powerful…although the backing vocals wr not sure when to break into part. Every time they try to they have some uncertinity then they all go back to turner. Its very important as worshippers to move in one spirit during worship and praise coz remeber someone will be encountering God for the very first time. Conclusion to my point. Pray together as a worship team and band as God to be with u as u minister to his people. Ask and it shall be given to u. If worshipers stand on the fact that they are about to minister not perform trust me the congregation will receive that which they are suppose to receive during praise and worship not just a performance. Stay Blessed i hope this touches other worshipers we are not performing we are ministers even if u forgot lyrics or forgot the structure of the song if u are led by the spirit of God at the moment he will lead u to wr he wants u to take his people meaning u might even remember what u forgot everything is possible with God.

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