1. As for electing the local government leaders this year is not possible sir. Do you want Paul Biya people to come and kill them? You don't don't what is going on back here at home. We are living in fear every day.

  2. That stubborn leadership will only lead to more casualties! Please do not couple Biya and Kamto in the same buckett. One is the root cause of your issue and the other is the solution. You have misdiagnosed the Sw/ NW issue. Stop deceiving the Innocents

  3. Amba boys made P. Biya not to travel to Buea. Bravo ! Amba boys you have shown the world and Biya that you are the Masters of your land. Go before ma people them.

  4. If i were you, i would remain quiet and focus on diplomacy. War and violence alone would not give us independence. Rather, the rule of law and diplomatic engagement would because at the end of the day, the winners are always those who work within the legal frameworks whereby other important actors can build long lasting and reliable partnership with us.

    Please put amba infos on youyube and whatzup as well. Thank you.

  5. Until we reach Buea, until we reach Buea, we will never, never leave our journey half way, oh until we reach Buea. We will never never leave our journey half way oh until we leave Buea.

  6. Je peux écrire en anglais mais, je n'ai pas le cœur à ça car je suis très triste. Mon PAYS se déchire: à l'Ouest, les fesses du Cameroun mon pays veulent partir; au Nord, la tête se décapite; l'Est et le Sud-ouest se déchirent Cameroun mon pays😖😖😖😭😭😭

  7. Fight for a great "Buea" Your family isn't fighting. Héros death when you are away living your luxurious life. Comme and join the fight. You abroad ate all donations while people are dying on GZ. All Cameroonian military are on the GZ right now. How are we traveling to Buea? What passport is used to travel? Isn't it Cameroonian passport?
    You were not United to Cameroon 🇨🇲 because Cameroon was 1 and not divisible. Thanks

  8. Kamto does not love anglophones nor do francophone cameroonians do. So let us forget about these people and focus on our struggle. Too many people have died for us not to have independence. We must get it or die.

    Kamto or any leader in LRC have no mandate to rule ambazonia. I dometimes wonder how and why kamto thinks he can calm down the ambazonians when he was never elected here.

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