5 thoughts on “ADF Chairman Adresses the Ambazonians. listen and share.”

  1. C'est bien mais vous ne voyez pas les tuerie c'est quand les pauvre gens seront tous massacré que vous allez arrêtés j'ai vraiment pitié pour tous ceux qui sont tué tout les jours à Bamenda et buya je suis très triste pitié seigneur 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. You see how fake you guys have become? Who is the chairman of your so called ADF LRC group?. Stop decieving yourselves for wr already know who you guys are working for. How about your contract with Fon Mukete, atanga nji etc. You slaughter our brothers in Batibo as cows just to fufil your contract with lrc and collect your money. We the Lebialem born are waiting for you in our soil as you promised. If any of you step your feet on Lebialem soul and go back alive, then ok. Ayaba Cho /Tapang ,Pamela capo Verla Franklin country juju, lucas Asu and all you surrogates of ADF ayaba cho/atanga nji/ mukete we have all credible evidence of you deals with lrc and there is no hiding place for you guys again. God had already revealed at the beginning this revolution that a leader will sell the struggle for his personal gains. And now he has revealed to us with all the evidence that ayaba agc and surrogates are all working for lrc .we got all your messages, and all your moves and meetings with atanga nji in Norway. How about that? We got all Tapang grand kumba's communications with the buffoon paul Tassong, how about that. For how long did you think you could play this game of hypocrisy and vet away with with it? Talk is cheap in such a way that your scammer leader ayaba will go search for words in the dictionary, come to social media and deceive some niave Ambazonians that he is for the struggle. Some of us have chosen the spiritual side of this struggle ,and our God in his infinite mercy has started answering us by exposing and disgracing devil incanates in the likes of ayaba cho atanga nji, and Tapang Ivo Tassong Paul. It is a big shame to you adf/ agc ayaba, that you could stoop so low as to start dancing the drum beats of the scammer atanga nji all bcus of greed n egosentric xter. Mark Bareta has written a book already about the struggle, and I think it's about time some of us wrote another one about AGC ayabacho Atanga nji, traitoism ,and explain in details to our future generation the the ayaba cho/Tapang Atanga nji group played in this struggle. All hell is breaking loose now for ayaba bcus his end is so close. I wonder where he will continue to get money to pay his cheap and mean activists that are covering his malicious deeds when this struggle is over. He and all his diehearted surrogates will have God to answer for the bloods of all Ambazonians that they have slain unjustly. For the God I serve has never failed me and he will surely arise and rule with justice and righteousness. He will give to the wicked exactly what they deserve for he is God. Let's watch and see how this whole drama unfolds.

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