ADF operations in Bamenda . BREAKING NEWS IN AMBAZONIA

4 months ago

To get Breaking News in Ambazonia go toπŸ‘‰


The Struggle Continues

8 thoughts on “ADF operations in Bamenda . BREAKING NEWS IN AMBAZONIA”

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  2. Wanders shall never end, ambazonians will see all from this gangsters of ADF frustrated idiot, what’s really your profit when you lie everyday on things that are not true??? So your so called master Ayaba the so call Dr can’t advise you guy to do the right thing???

  3. What a shame seeing a full grown man like you everyday on social media prostituting with lies all over the place, most you claim victory on things you didn’t do?? Chaaiii ambazonians don suffer from ADF gangsters group what a shame to Ayaba and Sisiko Dr Dr Dr my foot 🦢

  4. ASU I no know say u fit talk stupidly too so, is having materials is thesame as having armies,,,y una du claim credits where u can’t, show we ADF their video way di fight ,, lie lie people them… I nodi support ADF or Nyamafoka sako’s I.G, ASU u talk stupidly

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