Africa is shithole really?? Ok let’s check the following : 1. Jacob Zuma smelling with corruption i…

10 months ago

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Africa is shithole really?? Ok let’s check the following :

1. Jacob Zuma smelling with corruption is clinging to power when it is clear that resignation will save his face. His party has given him 48hours ;

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2. Museveni of Uganda clinging to Power and butchering the constitution to get another mandate;

3. Bouteflika of Algeria is on a wheelchair but struggling now to change the constitution to stay on;

4. Kabila of RDC by the constitution is no longer eligible for another mandate but he is working to butcher the constitution and cling to power forever;

5. Gnassingbé in Togo is clinging onto power that his father gave to him despite Bloody protests and growing instability;

6. Derby of Tchad already changed the constitution to allow for unlimited mandates;

7.Sassou Nguesso of Congo Brazzaville butchered the constitution to accommodate unlimited mandates to stay in Power;

8. Mugabe clung to power till he couldn’t even walk well anymore and tried to hand it to his wife. We know what happened

9. Kagame tailored the constitution by referendum of recent to allow him the possibility of rulling for another 19+ years;

10. Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi has clung to power despite the constitutional end to his mandate and eligibility to stand. He has killed more people to stay in power than you have seen in the news;

11. Biya of Cameroon has clung to power too for 35 years, is weak health wise and almost no longer knows how the country is run. He still wants to stand for elections after butchering the constitution in 2008 to have the possibility to rule forever. He is so out of touch with the realities of the new generation that he keeps appointing moribond an old hags to run the country while simple dialogue with a once peaceful English-speaking part of his country is above him;

12. Obiang of Equatorial Guinea is the longest ruling of them all and intends to cling to it till he dies. He shares the country’s destiny with his son who buys cars he cannot use and parks them allover Europe, though he has tried to develop the country..

Brothers, are we not cursed?? Was Trump not right?

Freeman Sala Shemi says it as he sees it.

Courtesy of… Shemi Freeman Sala || 2018-02-13 11:41:10

The Struggle Continues

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