Africa Unites Around African Americans During George Floyd Protest

12 months ago

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37 thoughts on “Africa Unites Around African Americans During George Floyd Protest”

  1. 🤔 True Some F.B.A. A D.O.S Have And Do- Say Foreign-Born Blacks Say- They're Not Black They're Nigerian
    Jamaican Dominican Sudanian India -Exc🤔Some Foreign Born Blacks Say Negative Things About F B A – A D O S 🤔But Enough Brave Black Awoke
    Warriors Worldwide Have
    United💜 🤔We Have Awaken The Ancestral Spirits With Joy🤔

  2. 600 NGO’s and George Floyd's family appealed to the UN human rights council , to address their concerns but In order for the debate to get started at the UN it needs to be backed by a country .

    So the Ambassador of the West African Country of Burkina Faso to the UN has written a letter to the UN backed by the UN Ambassadors of all 54 Countries on the continent. The debate, according to the UN human Rights President will be held in the week beginning the 15th of June which will be the council’s 43rd session

  3. This is Iike Ethiopians protesting because an African American died of hunger – the discrimination, mistreatment and inhumanity in Africa by Africans themselves, their leadership and police forces is on a level that makes George Floyd incident insulting to bring up. How many deaths go on in Africa at the hands of police and rebel groups? I am surprised Africa has the luxury to indulge in this – while Floyd saga should be condemned, involved in the protests also brings out some elitism on the part of the partakers.

  4. You are Black folks. You are not African American,folks. The guy from Africa is African American if he came from Africa. Just some more bullshit brought to you by your favorite but not mine, Jessie run Jessie run Jackson and his rainbow gay coalition. I don't care if Africa supports Black ppl. Where were they when we needed them throughout our tragic history in this Nation of white boy.

  5. A letter signed by ALL 54 AFRICAN NATIONS this past Friday requested that the UN Human Rights Council urgently debate racism and racially inspired human rights violations, police brutality against people of African descent and the violence against the peaceful protests that call for these injustices to stop.. I'm liking that.

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