Africans Dying In The Saharan Desert & Mediterranean Sea With Dr Mathey & Mr Taylor, Ekosso,Ebai

3 years ago

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The Struggle Continues

2 thoughts on “Africans Dying In The Saharan Desert & Mediterranean Sea With Dr Mathey & Mr Taylor, Ekosso,Ebai”

  1. Thank you for putting this grave issue concerning Africa to the Africans themselves. It is alarming that our African leaders are silent on this issue. African Union and heads of states in our government are comfortable in their palaces and WILL NEVER GIVE UP POWER to young people who could be empowered and prepared to lead Africa. It will take a Revolution; it will take Africans rising to demand the power. all African young people need to start talking, to start strategizing, to start speaking up. There is a need of a Youth League of African Union. There is no democracy when young men and women pay lots of money to put themselves in the slave ships to be enslaved over seas. Africa in diaspora need to connect with Africa on the continent for “an active participation and system change” so our Africans stay and build the Africa we yearn for. The migration must stop. Dr. Samuel, please connect with Dr. PLO Lumumba for the issue of corruption.
    We want to be included in the debate to put the axe to the root of the African problem. Yes let us make this problem an African problem.
    Thank you again for educating me. Tonight I am speaking in a Fundraiser for an African who gives back to Africa. We have been discussing this issue, and now I have gained better understanding of the problem. We who have left Africa fleeing for our lives due to genocide, wars, …we know that life outside of Africa is not easy; but we have given an opportunity to survive, and now we are trying to share our experiences, we want to use our expertise and the connections so that No More African would die in deserts or in seas. No more Africans should flee their countries due to persecution on behalf of their governments.
    Thank you Dr. Samuel for your advise: the money we send to our family members, could have educated and built our nations. We are now developing communities through mindset changes through development projects, through leadership training, skill development, education rooted and applied to the reality of our culture.

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