23 thoughts on “AGBOR BALLA reacts following the Prime Minister speech – EQUINOXE TV”

  1. Il y a pas de excombattant dans votre cinéma de dialogue bulu là. Puisque les vrai combattants sont en forêt, pour preuve la damme tué dernièrement dans une video est curieusement réapparue au dialogue. Encore UN COUP DU MALADROIT ATANGA NJIE

  2. Let's go to the root cause of the anglophone problem! The illegal marriage is no longer working. Let's part. That's the best solution to the problem. Marriage with corrupt french Cameroon can never work. Let's divorce.

  3. Stupid Agbor, if really you want federation then you should be fighting for secession. Federation can only be a compromised position between decentralization and secession.

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