Alarm, too shortsighted not to see the reality Did you know ?? /Cameroon crisis Ghana & Nigeria …

2 years ago

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Alarm, too shortsighted not to see the reality 👀

Did you know ?? /Cameroon crisis

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Ghana & Nigeria is one of the countries who’s education systems were once shutdown for almost 2 years & 18 months respectively and today, their education certificates are recognized worldwide.
It is very myopic not to see the importance of complete change !
What killed us the most is that we always care much about the present and we never care about the future and now behold is 55 years gone in absolute sorrow, misery, poverty,
Torture, brutality, divide & rule & all in deep pains (had we known, had our grandparents known)
I wish the whole Education system was once shutdown even for 5 years and this mess was solved indefinitely.

Now let’s ask ourselves the following questions so we could be in same page:
1). Where is the education that our grandparents and our parents had ???
What is the use of it ??
2). Why is any of them not able to be a president with that education ?
3). What is any of them not able to be the Boss of Sonara ??
4). Why is any of them not able to be the Boss of CDC etc
5). Why is it that all ministers from West Cameroons are those who studied overseas abroad ?
5). Tell me which Anglophone ministers you see in Biya’s 35 years regime that did all his or her studies in Cameroon ??

Even the corrupted bad regime knows that our education system is very week and not recognized !
Open your eyes people and grow up once more for a better future of ourselves & our children from generation to generation.

By the why we are not extremists
And by the way, we are not slave and our kids & children will never be slaves.

Every opinion counts !!
That’s why we have been in this mess for 55 years now 👀👀👀😭
I see so much pain & as a product of pain, there is nothing to lose again so this is a struggle worth dying for in liberating our generation to generations…………. 💪🏽📝

Verla Frankline
Incorruptible, unrepentant Southern Cameroonian aka the Amba Boy

Courtesy of… Verla Frankline || 2017-01-29 12:57:56

The Struggle Continues

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