22 thoughts on “Alex Mbianda brings you sad news about the abduction of our leaders”

  1. You are ill informed Sir. SSS in a covert operation (heavily funded by $millions cfa ) with spies from Y'de and of course some insiders collaborated. You raise some points worth noting but many of your accusation are baseless. Trying to exonerate Nigeria throws me of balance.

  2. DSS. abducted them. true. Rene sadic. bribed. nigerian. to. abduct. them and murdered them. with order from. Paul biya. milan atam is an agent working for biya. right from the begining. i question. milan in usa. but i was told hes is one of us and have a road map.. we. need. to. be clean. and know ourselves. bamileke. .bassa. eton bulu. ..should never be in our midst

  3. Why. can we not fund an international airport. construction in kumba for. our people to fly out and in. we. need this civilian facility we re the only people in the world without an airport. it doesnt matter what. milan knows or not. hes a bamoum. soo automatically. is not ambazonian. and shouldnt. had been in. your. midst. . just as ambazonian. cannot be president in cameroun. you. need. a war council based in s africa. and you go east. let alone. UN and the west. let setup an. army of heavy weapons on our soul to forcibly free our country milan should be neutralizre. you people. dont have unity and trust amongst you all

  4. We can get 5 billion dollars economic. support from the east. if we forget the west and go east. but we. remain a colony of cameroun for ever if we refuse to do this

  5. biya wanted to murder ayuk tabe and his origin. thats why his village in manyu. was destroyed and many murdered. soo milan is not the initiator. but. the enabler. to murder all 9 .the head of the snake. to be cut off according to biya. when you cut off the head. you murder the snake


  7. John mbah Akuro said said his car was that he was using ever since and decided to send it to cameroon?Hw can a seperatist as they call us send a car to cameroon when they revolution is still going on

  8. Hi Etchu, Finally you agree to what I have been talking. This IG has been misleading SC that lawyers are working with US Government,UN,UK,AU,EU,ICH,ECOWAS ETC till date none of these governments n organisation did nothing,instead they’re misusing the funds donate without accountability.
    The truth is let SC diasporas should only donate to General Ayaba Lucas,cos it is the actions his men are taking to LRC BIR n Gendarmerie’s which is turning the table,panicking LRC.
    Chris Anu,Samuel Ikome,milton taka etc are all crooks,they only have the luxury enjoying donated money, yet this idiotic Chris anu will open his big achu fufu eating mouth making noise in YouTube misleading people with lies
    SC should wake up and support Ayaba Lucas,what Ayaba is doing we see the results already,
    Chris Anu is an asshole idiot, he organised the setup in firming the fucken so called interim AIG,who will listen to Samuel Dakota who can’t express himself when talking like someone with PHD, every time he speaks,he count words,he always think of words to say. Watch him carefully he can’t speak fluently as an educated person, Lawyer Bodga and Prof Carlson Ayangwe are the qualified people to take over, but they don’t want people like them vos IG is a maffia club

  9. Mr Alex Mbianda, I have watched your videos about Mr. Milan Atam and can only conclude that you do not like him for the positive things he is doing for this freedom movement. When I saw you in New York on Sept 22, 2017, actively participating and accompanying Pr Sisiku J. Tabe, I told a friend how I was positively suprised that you were active as to be in the Presidents' entourage. My surprise was because, you are a first generation of Bawock/Bameleke born on Bali soil. Both of your parents and some other ~ 400 families from western province relocated to Bali and are the ancestors of present day Bawok village in Bali. Your first cousins are in western province and you have always used the cousins in lrc gov't to attempt seizing land from Bali. When ever a Bameleke brother is made a Mezam SDO, you will use his office to trouble your host Bali. The Fon of Bali jump neck deep into CPDM to stop thread from another cousin of yours Nyiat njifenji (excuse my spelling) whom you always used as your trojan horse against Bali people. I am going to post an email, that was written by a friend/clasmate of yours some 10 years ago when you were thrown out of mbonbani forum. You ran about 6 fake emails accounts on that forum, attacking people from some accounts and pretending to sooth from other accounts until the moderator caught you pants down and you immediately unsubscribed yourself even before you we banned. The email depicts you as a very cunning person. A skilled manipulator right from your days in school. Now, who should be more concerned about Ambazonia's independence, you or Milan? It doesn't matter if Bawok is a Bagante village in Mezam as long as you stand with us. It becomes a problem when you have never acknowkedged that but frames Milan as Bamum. If it matters that Milans father is Bamum (according to you) why doesn't it matter that you are Bawok/Bagante? John Mbah Akuro is being manipulated by you. JBA works with you for his own selfish reason but does not know where the information he gives you ends up. He sure does not know whom you are. You are well connected to Yaounde, people call you from Yaounde you said, and I believe you they did.
    To deflect the attention from you, you laser focus attack on the generally accepted Ambazonia punch bag Milan Atam, a target you will always get support from people who want his head. You said Milan was in Nigeria on the 2nd of January, he released his boarding pass showing january 05. Do you have any iota of shame? The truth will one day be known, and if it turns out you are the mole, you would have crossed the redline

  10. This so unfair to Milan and l am not even a cheerleader for him. Who are these your LRC sources. You seem to have some kind of personal vendetta against Milan. You unlike Milan seem to know more than you are letting on.

  11. Comrade Capo Daniel you will understandthe reason I call this clown imbecile Chris Anu.How stupid he is to make such treats when his native Fontem people are refugees in Dschang.More over if US Government decides to expelled this clown imbecile Chris Anu n lunatic Samuel Ikome sako,where will they go?
    This two clowns were those against self defence claiming that the struggle will succeed in diplomacy.
    1 – They insulted self defence as hit and run, later same clown imbecile Chris Anu came and indirectly apologised inform of correction/clarification.
    2- same clown imbecile Chris Anu clearly stated all francophones should live SC and all Anglophones should return to SC, after too much criticism he came and changed his statements.
    Mark Bareta came out with stupid comments instead of telling people that the clown imbecile Chris Anu will apologise instead mark bareta said we misinterpreted Chris comments ( do you see how disrespectful these clowns are???)
    Same mark bareta is asking everyone to be under IG ( yet he mark bareta is asking for donations Chanel direct to him,why not to IG if he is honest with himself that IG is the sole coordinator??? A bunch of clowns

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