Amazing marriage ceremony in Micronesia

1 year ago

The ceremony take place only after the first child is born. If the baby is healthy, the marriage is proved. The female breast is sign of fecundity and is proudly presented to guest and visitors. During the ceremony the bride father pays the dowry to the grooms family. Before the ceremony the bride is supposed to clean herself with steam and herbs.
Dear Youtube team: This is a authentic historic film-document of an ceremony on the island of Palau. This ceremony is common in the islands of the south pacific. It is part of their culture, that the bride is topless to celebrate the beauty and fecundity of the women. Like many other videos on youtube about african tripes.
Kindly respect: This video has nothing to do with sex or porn. So there is absolutely no reason to hold a “18 years age restriction” on this video. Even if other ultra conservative/religious people has a different opinion. Thank you so much for your modern and open minded understanding. Pierre-René Tirier


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