Amba Boys burn houses in Bangourain – West Region.. My Commentary

6 months ago

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Tapang Ivo strategy to export the conflict into Francophone zone is directly responsible for this act of Terror by the Amba Boys, where they went and burnt down dozens of homes belonging to innocent Bamoun people in the West region of Cameroon.
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Correction. The video was produced on Saturday 29th December, Not 28th as indicated in the video.


The Struggle Continues

24 thoughts on “Amba Boys burn houses in Bangourain – West Region.. My Commentary”

  1. Bangourain in the West region had been killing and terrorizing anglophones for a long time. That’s part of why some people lose their temper and burned houses. Keep flaming the divide, ONLY you will have to pay for these crimes.

  2. Propaganda video! Everything u have said here is the reverse! In your family, you were probably the most rejected one. They probably referred to you as the stubborn “Thug”. Anyway, I blame Paul Biya for all these. He let both sets of people down this path of divide.

  3. Very good bro… Cameroon need peace. Woman no fit di want run married house and the first place she thinks that she can go na for her husband he family house…. Tapang Ivo one day you'll have to pay for this…

  4. It’s clear that u are an emotionally injured and disturbed guy. I hope this your confession makes u feel better. Instead of adding to the misery and suffering of an oppressed people, u should join a CHURCH and find yourself. Also, get a beautiful loyal woman to squeeze u and put love ❤️ in your heart. All u are doing here is adding misery to yourself. Go do something better with your talent instead of protecting Biya and his forever corrupt wicked regime.

  5. Ambazonia is really evil. They are trying to spread their evil to the francophone area that is enjoying peace and tranquillity and welcoming refugees from the anglophone area. They are behaving like the devil. They are spreading wickedness. May ambazonia be cursed for ever!!!

  6. That baboon called tapang is begging for forgiveness now in the California supreme court because he is the spokesman of adf financing terrorism in Cameroon and none of them is posting now

  7. We're smarter than that but what tapang never told them is that the maquizars were the people right at the border line where they crossed so we know how to gather ourselves against an enemy and we civilians will fight them we won't wait for the army just as we are doing it in the north against boko haram

  8. Gradually, slowly and step by step. The division is getting deeper and deeper. The future of Ambazonia is gradually beeing paved. A baby takes time to grow up. So does Ambazonia. Every single fight for freedom has always been with consequences.
    Ambazonia shall prevail against all odds. No mater the time, the sufferings, the cruelties and the massive killings. The more you kill, the more you destroy and the more you divide.

    AMBAZONIA shall be free against all odds.

  9. Tapang would soon have his day in court in the USA for inciting genocide, Ma KONTRI PiPO DEM. He thought shooting youtube videos and having a million views was fame, only hope Mister Magistrate in USA court would have enough time to view all his videos before chaining him and send him back to GZ to lead the fight.

  10. Thanks. Please also make audio for ground zero. Spread your message all around diapora. My cousin house was burnt but I just called him asked him to not even thing about revenge by killing anglophone but to create a vigilant group and report everything to military

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