29 thoughts on “Amba boys “harvest” machine guns. 02 Oct 2018”

  1. Anglophone Cameroon has brought shame on itself. This is self-harm. This utterly shameful because the gang leaders of this revolution are abroad enjoying themselves. They are utterly evil. Their kids go to school abroad, yet they close down schools back home. Shops are opened everyday abroad yet they impose ghosts towns at home and so on. Their plan is to keep this nonsense going because they feed on it. Any time that this nonsense ends, they will go broke. So, they will keep it going as long as possible even though they know it has no chance of ever succeeding. These are all scammers, 419s, demons, devils, blood-suckers, vampires, witches and wizards, traitors, bandits, extortionists, brainwashers, scum-bags, and the negative list goes on and on. Only a very evil person would deny a child an education, however modest that education may be. Cameroon anglophone education is not the worst on earth. I had my education in Cameroon. I have a first degree from Cameroon. I also did further education abroad. I have lived abroad for 30 years, far more than most of these scammers abroad called leaders of Ambazonia. The fact that Paul Biya has failed all Cameroonians does not mean people should take the law into their own hands and completely destroy everything. Lawlessness is the worst thing that can happen to a society. If you think I am wrong, go to Somalia, South Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Syria and so on. As time passes, many people will be saying: " we were better under the evil of Paul Biya because this other evil is far worst. "

  2. Stop insulting them u fool u have not started crying useless Man.Amba boy u got my back Will support u guys till Death God is with us.Forget about dis stupid ungly fool

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