10 thoughts on “Amba Boys Send Letter of Extortion”

  1. Blame everything on Paul Biya…. this is the side effect of his declaration of war to untrained civilians. All the bad boys will be fished-out. No mater what happened, it doesn’t mean the Ambazonian fighting & STRUGGLE is unjust…. give the Bad Boys to the real AmbaBoys. Don’t hand them to LRC Military.

  2. Biya has brought every thing humanity rejects in Cameroon including war. All these are the side effects of his decisions. I condemn & denounce any acts of extortions by any AmbaBoy & the LRC military too. However, extortions or not ; it doesn’t mean Ambazonians are not fighting a JUST COURSE ✊🏾!

  3. Leave those young kids alone called “AmbaBoys”. They are TRYING! If there are bad seeds amongst them, weed them out and hand them to IG, AGC, or SOCADEF forces. Don’t hand them to LRC Military bcuz the Military are also stealing from the populations. I know of many stories of the military stealing from people .

  4. Hmmmm… This guy is horrible. Biya will do wonders. This your fake video with atangaji. You ve now started writting but letters? U really rhink u can betray this struggle with this ur fake videos? Same u when u were in yde….5 years ago. U 're really desperate.

  5. Amba vs LRC, you should be so dumb to believe that it must be amba boys. Maybe, but which of the amba groups: the geniune amba boys, the various govt created fake ambaboys groups?
    And what about those people that the military arrest and extort hundreds of thousands of CFA so as not to be taken to Yaounde?

  6. I knew it would come down to this. Yet no one wants to do something. We the population are not helping situations. I think quarters should form groups to combat these guys or call the police or gendarme when we see the amba boys around

  7. The military of LRC arrest innocent and thier families pay huge sums for thier release. Is that not kidnapping you fool. What you are doing will hunt you down one day blc it concerns innocent blood that you and Biya has spilled. Who are your country people you Bamileke idiot. Biya's regime is on hot fire.

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