5 thoughts on “Amba Extortion in Action – Ambazonia CRIMINALS – Wuna Listen”

  1. Stop destroying the names of Ambazonians. These are fake AmbaBoys implanted by LRC Government. No one trust the government anymore. This is even old. Biya has destabilize that region. That’s why all this is happening.

  2. Ma KONTRI PiPO DEM, many thanks for forwarding this. It is only when the majority of anglophones home and abroad shall rise against this ambazonia madness that peace shall return. I hope the so called ambazonians are seeing the effects of the evil monster they have been feeding. If this is what liberating the mother land means, then they are buffoons.

  3. These idiots came yesterday at night to kidnap my dad and the neighbors started blowing whistles and hitting pots and articles and they ran away. For all you guys who keep saying it’s the government just wait till the day your family member or even you is rough handled by these uneducated stupid villagers then you will know.

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