"Amba GZ asked Use Money for Light/Water and Pay My Trip To Buea)-This Woman Needs Knock On Head-God

5 months ago

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Southern Cameroon Struggle has no Allies…
Woman first there is no support because you all went about it the wrong way…
Second see how the same Amba people fighting for independence turn on each other…killing themselves in most inhumane ways!
When that happens the UN or any other union will not be on your side!!
Ambazonia should NOT have ever turned on themselves! They should have stayed Focused on the Goal/Reason for the Struggle and protesting peacefully and let LRC do what they did…Then the whole world would have seen that Ambazonia hands are clean and it was LRC that did wrong to attack damage properties and kill people who had the right to protest peacefully…
Too late now, Amba Boys with the direction of some diaspora Idiots turned on themselves killing and destroying each others properties…
Tell me if you were the UN and the rest will you be a Party to that?
Yes Biya did Southern Cameroonians Very Wrong for years, but during the fight for indepence, Ambazonian so called Kind by KInd Forces went low to Biya’s and his Military level even Lower…
You need a Back Handed Slap for saying that an old woman should take what she has to eat and give to your Killer Struggle…was that your mother you were referring to? or somebody’s else mother?
Do me started on how you say they on GZ should be in darkness and not have water to drink because of some Nonsense My Bla Bla…With the conditions back home where is an old lady going to get a bucket of beans?
With your Mud Brain! you seat there comfortably, can you stay without light and water? No it is easy for you to say because you are not on GZ…
Have seen how many children new born babies have been displaced to countries that they know nothing about? Oh God! They don’t even have food to eat before sleeping or when they wake up if at all they slept…Do know how your body feels when your Cells don’t have energy? You head is pounding, body shaking then imagine a child or a mother who has just had a baby while being displaced and she needs to eat in order to breast feed the her new born…You seat there and feel you can vomit Rubbish…Go and to GZ and the Refugee camps and experience what they are going through and then give orders from there…Nonsense! Heartless, Scammer! Hear Her Good Amba People “asking for more” OH God!
You Got me Pissed Woman with your Rantings…Ordering poor people on GZ who in destress and traumatized!!
You have been clearly Brainwashed…You better Wake before it is too Late!!


The Struggle Continues

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