“Amba NGO Scammer Address for ALL” (Amba Fight Back the Killing Struggle!)-Run Them Out Of Business

4 months ago

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The Good Amba need to Speak Up and bring down this people with no Hearts who think it is ok to go around killing others and creating a non peaceful environment for the children on GZero…Nonsense Struggle so far!!
The Little Southern Cameroon had and was managing on has been destroyed, the beautiful Southern Cameroon has had to be deserted…
Yes Biya was not doing much, but the littel that was there Provided some jobs and there was Peace…Now that little has been destroyed and there are now no Jobs at all and children and Babies are crying everyday and dying…Now how Much Sense does that make Amba terrorism Enablers? Enablers are the worse things on the Planet…Low Brainers, stupid
Good Ambas this Nonsense must stop for the children, babies, old, pregnant women etc…if the Amba terrorist and their Enabling iDIOTS want to keep killing themselves let them go out side of Southern Cameroon and continue there…Damn It!!


The Struggle Continues

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