Amba to Amba . The IG sinks low

1 week ago

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Another AMBA to AMBA
It is disgraceful that the IG-Care will relentlessly attacks the ADF/AGOVC with baseless accusations using distorted information and outright lies . The fact that Don Pasho is still an IG care official tells us the story of how low the integrity of the IG has become . The ADF/AGOVC’s celebration of our Independence Day was group neutral and focused on Ambazonia-First , the Governing Council went as far as elevating the IG’S group leader Sisiku AYUK Tabe in the most significant matter because it is the right thing to do . If the reward for that is to run a smear campaign against us. This smear campaign must stop . If criticism has become the chosen path of the IG-Care , it should be based on substantial issues not outright lies and made up stories that have direct consequences on the integrity of the entire liberation movement.
Our people deserve better.
Capo Daniel
DDCS-Ambazonia Defense Forces


The Struggle Continues

7 thoughts on “Amba to Amba . The IG sinks low”

  1. This revolution is getting very childish. The Yerima camp following Don Pasho and Eric for advice is going to cost them dearly. These two men worked for Sako and today they are bring the scammer down. Yerima will be next like Sako if he keeps working with Don Pasho. Agov C needs to stay on your track and stay out of this confusion that these two men bring after any successful GZ event. It is four years with these nonsense from the same people in the diaspora when will people learn? GZ does not have time for all these nonsense anymore.

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