2 thoughts on “Amba vs LRC – Ambazonia Why? Part 2”

  1. Please big bro it well known dat dose wo kinaping dose student are not amba boys but agent of LRC would claim to be amba boys eg Mr atangaji,s group, think of of dis dere is not way de amba boys will take such number of students out of bamenda without being cought by de security check dis for ur self dis was rada a setup by LRC to print de struggle black plsss everyone knows

  2. AMBA_LRC, ambazonia tried to kill you and they failed and now you are fighting back with the sword of truth that shall set us free. I have just learnt that a son of one of my uncles who joined this amba nonsense was shot dead by the military and the corpse was left to rot where he died. Unfortunately this is the fate awaiting many of these uneducated amba boys. Their manipulating masters will one day pay for their deaths.

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