13 thoughts on “#AmbaBoys #DropTheGuns – Drop The Guns”

  1. I never knew that people of this two regions were that ignorant. You hear of PhD all the time you don't know that these are empty phd. How can intellectual promote such a calamity to it own people? Who told them they can create a state inside a state? Making innocent people kill foe empty dream? Never seen before in human history. Intellectual lying to it indigenous people.

  2. AmbaBoys have wiped out the Cameroon terrorist military and they are now recruiting more to come & die. Where will LRC have money to recruit new soldiers? They can’t feed the current military.

  3. Why do u deceive ignorant people with these your propaganda videos? How can LRC recruit new soldiers when they lose about 6billion per month? Where is the money? SONARA & CDC are down. Ambazonians are not paying taxes.

  4. CAMEROON has lost the WILL of the Ambazonian people. It will NEVER be the same. Give the people a REFERENDUM and end the genocide in Ambazonia. Any other thing LRC CAMEROON is trying to do is oppression & INJUSTICE. It will not work! . To God Be All The Glory 🤚🏾

  5. GOD bless you Ma KONTRI PiPO DEM for opening the eyes of the young people that have been blinded and deceived by manipulators who are living and enjoying their life abroad with their families

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