18 thoughts on “AmbaBoys Parade Bamenda Town in Broad daylight and Instantly Regret it”

  1. Ma KONTRI PiPO DEM, many thanks again, this is beyond madness, they were clearly on a death wish and death did not disappoint them. This is what ambazonia is all about, it is a contract with death and death will gladly receive many of them now and in the future.

  2. I still don’t understand black pple. How could we be this blind for long to keep dying? Where is the quote “lead by example?” Those overseas are sleeping in their nice beds, go to school, go to work, experience no ghost town and incite you to do the reverse and I agree? My cranium still can’t comprehend this. How do u wanna fight a military that is trained and loaded with unlimited rounds of bullets with funding from the states? Should the “ independence” even come, where the youths? No education, no governmental offices, all departments on the internet, etc. pple are dying daily from the English sides. Where is the gain ? Wehhhhhhh

  3. Useless anglo-bami making propaganda for the LRC govt. The author of this video is a bamileke. So ignore him. A useless poor cameroonian in the UK.

    Those boys are fighting for change and it is normal that they use what they have to get what they want. Thats how it has been in history. If the govt was responsible enough, they would have engaged them in projects, opened dialogue, and stop its ministers from embezzling public funds destined for development. Useless greedy bami.

  4. Truly in my entire small life I hvnt seen this level of brain washing ma contry people dem. Mondays? Mondays? When the know that everywhere is blocked by military them still get courage comot. Tramadol d really work

  5. Very, very sad! I don't blame those young men. In fact, I feel sorry for them. Indoctrination has always been used by war lords to send innocent and naive people to death for a sordid gain. It is what those war promoters abroad calling themselves IG are doing. Indoctrination is like drug addiction. It is psychologically deep and difficult to deal with. It has been used in the antiquity, in WWI, WWII, when USA invaded Iraq, when NATO assaulted Libya, in Sudan, Congo, CAR, Rwanda, Angola, Somalia, Colombia etc… it is also used by ISIS and Boko Haram's terrorists. But once they are set free from the ideology, almost all of them say: "I don't know why I was doing that. I thought I was doing the right thing. Now, I can feel how bad I was!" Until now, some of them are fighting against the Post War Trauma without success. They still feel a deep pain of being used by others to commit atrocities with no "good reasons". At the end, some of them commit suicide.
    So, the central point of a war is its ideology. The most of the time, people do things without understanding why. If you take a group of human beings, just a little percentage has the ability of leading, and they take advantage of it. All the others are just folks, they just follow. When they feel a king of "security" from a so called leader, they can do anything for him, even the worst, just to make him happy. That's the human psychology. This principle has been used for the first time in the early history of the humanity in the Bible by Nimrod. When the duplicity of the so called leaders is exposed, the kind of "security" the folks was feeling, start to fade out, and they start to see the truth and are set free. At this point, what you are doing, MA KONTRi PIPO DEM, is just amazing! You are doing an outstanding job. You are saving lives! I hope someday, those young men will be grateful towards you. For now, because their brains have been bribed, they don't understand nothing and think you are a traitor, they call you black leg, threaten you, but time will tell! Just be patient with them and don't stop. It is producing fruits, you will reap them soon, I can promise you. You have all my support. Since the first day I watched one of your video (it was about South Sudan) I felt like… WHOA! THIS GUY HAS SOMETHING TO SAY! It was astonishing, the way you analyse things. Since then, I watched all of your vids and I don't want to miss any.
    I think the government of Cameroon should do the same, exposing the truth to those young men being indoctrinated. The Bible says: "You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free" The Truth here is Jesus. But this sentence is true in any circumstance.

  6. These people are really ridicolous, come out like that in broad daylight yet the ratio of force with the army is in your desenvantage. Lack of concrete vision of what you want, lack of coordination between your onw representatives. You denied access to education yet is the bedrock of every serious revolution. You make the apology of an imagiary state that even the great colonizing powers do not know the origins. This is not only the case of Paul Biya alone, know that no Cameroonian president would recognise a state call ambazonia. A new regine and more autonomy of each regions that's what all cameroonians claim and not a situation of war and terror that you have installed in our cities.

  7. You again. Doing campaigning for biya. He has been in power for 36 years. Country is not progressing. But you are supporting him. There are now over a hundred thousand amba fighters and counting. More and more are joining. That land is gone including the oil

  8. You can not even stage African nations Cup you want to fight amba boys. You have already failed. Let me tell you your stupid Cameroon soldiers are not even getting salaries. Calculations show that the Cameroon government can not afford this war. They simple don't have the money.Calculate the cost per month say for 10000 soldiers. Biya simply does not pay them. Soldiers owed over 10 months of unpaid wages.

  9. This is not about amba fighters is it? biya "is killing young children in their villages. It is about not annexing another country. It is about lrc respecting their borders at independence. It is about dialogue. Biys has no right to be fighting anyone in Anbazonia. It is not his country. Whatever relationship the two countries had is now over. Killing amba fighters has no value. Calculate the cost per month say a 10000 soldiers. Biya simply does not pay them

  10. I till believe that it's not too late… the government has to accelerate talk and dialogues to end this madness. I was against going back to federalism but I am a big fan now… we need peace in a 4, 5 , 2 states or 10… just peace and order

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