Ambas Define Selves By Phone Type&Data Plan(U Are Defined By What Is In Ur HEAD) Eric Stunted GROWTH

1 week ago

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Eric you look so foolish and childish with that your phone you are holding and displaying like an over grown 4 year old…Sample of the kind of people that call themselves Ambazonians…so excited over phones they feel your phone makes you appear important…the time and age where people are defined by their phone types and data plans and not what is in their heads, by how much…Nonsense!!!
No eric you are not a fighter…if you are why then have you not come to GZero to fight along side the other idiots like you…all you know is talk talk with no fighting action…Idiot
There is noting important and vital to what you are doing and saying…Nonsense!!!


The Struggle Continues

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