“Ambazonia Be A Partner in Caring” (Free Amba From Terror!) Warriors In Prayer Fighting For Peace!!

4 months ago

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Ambazonians ask for peace in Amba Land sooner than later!
There’s one thing Ambazonians know for sure, that the Southern Cameroon wasn’t meant to be like this…
AmbaLand has known enough tragedy…friends and family of those who have died, these are difficult moments of agony that can never be unwritten/forgotten…this give those on GZero a reason to fear the same kind of violence might meet them, they are threats, that only helps to remind them that catastrophe is just a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode in their faces again…
Let us Pray to bring an end to all the violence, hatred and discord in ambazonia…
Let us ask God for true peace, lasting peace in Ambazonia!!


The Struggle Continues

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