9 thoughts on “Ambazonia Begin to reap what they sow – Ayaba shows his colours in Batibo”

  1. You did not make videos on these;

    πŸ’₯ 8 months old baby fried in hot oil in Manfe by Lrc terrorist soldiers (December 2017).

    πŸ’₯ 94 years old grandmother burned into ashes by Lrc terrorist soldiers

  2. It’s so sad to realize that many people have already voluntarily blinded their souls, because of their high egos. It’s not a shame to say: I was wrong… It’s totally reckless to know the truth and to do evil anyway, in oder to feed our ego. This’s exactly what many people in here, who criticize this video are doing. Most of us were born in Cameroon, and have never witnessed shut a evil. Then don’t tell me that it’s the government killing it’s own people. What I see is a country in self defense mode against very dangerous small group of people who are ready to go to the extreme in order to achieve their selfish agenda. What I see is: Thirst of power, and greed, because they have shown it again and again. People are not their priorities. Their interest is: MONEY AND POWER!!!

  3. Ma KONTRI PiPO DEM, thanks a million for this update. We dey for your back, go before, the truth shall set us free. Please Ambazonia, slaughter yourselves as quickly as possible so that this conflict can end soon.

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