AMBAZONIA, BIAFRA | One goal – Different approach | The way forward for IPOB

1 month ago

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Many are asking IPOB to emulate the Ambazonians of Southern Cameroon who seem to be getting the desired attention by the US – the latest being the ordering of Cameroonian armed forces out of the Ambazonian region by US. In this video Igbo Area Tv takes a look at the appeal to copy Ambazonia.


The Struggle Continues

19 thoughts on “AMBAZONIA, BIAFRA | One goal – Different approach | The way forward for IPOB”

  1. British broadcasting cooperation (BBC) is owned by Britian whose interests is oil till today.British saved Nigeria from the hands of biafrans,people should understand that.

  2. They federal government of Nigeria painted the images of the igbos and biafran people during the civil war and the federal government are still doing the same until today. but thank God that the entire world are aware of the impunity of atrocities killings kidnappings insecurity poverty hatrediness hardships and rapes. ipob intelligence agencies worldwide are working very hard to make sure that biafra nation and independence is coming very quickly and soonest.

  3. Some people do not know how the world is planning to wipe out us. If they know they will understand. Same these people are same Judas among us. Peaceful method is the best if it does not work then arm struggle the world will not blame us

  4. Let biafra do things the right way. We already had a war. And we know how it taste like…over here. They know nothing about civil war. And thay have more than 20 different groups…the foreign body's are not supporting the amba… so the present regime is strong. We want peace in cameroon. We the Nigerians here are suffering alot. Our business have collapsed and so on.

  5. For now carry arms t is not an option! We have lost more than 3 millions already, and we are not ready to loss more! We have gone too far to carry arms! But if we don't get Biafra in 2020 we should get prepare to carry arms!

  6. Since the Biafrans have identified some of the stumbling blocks that are preventing them from achieving the restoration of Biafra particularly in their home land the question is what are the stakeholders in the Biafrans agitation/struggle doing about those obstacles. To achieve Biafra, the stakeholders must come up with a strategy to remove those stumbling blocks in their home front otherwise, in my opinion, all the efforts the agitators are making would be in futile. Charity begins at home so the saying goes.

  7. We have passed that stage ! IPOB have go far and are now in the final stages of total restoration of biafra. The "battle" as the igbo area tv stated in the above video is enormous. IPOB is facing too many challenges both inside and outside the zoo called Nigeria but the good news is that IPOB is winning all the battles. Our enemies are enormous, many of them wants to maintain the status quo because they have stakes in biafran oil and gas. Nevertheless, the diplomatic moves being made by our able leader mazi Nnamdi is gradually dismantling all our obstacles. I urge our people to be patience, we do not want any lost of lives because we want all to see biafra. Very soon, biafra would be restored. All haillllllllllllllllll biafra.

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