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Ambazonia Calling
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Host: Ntumfoyn Herbert Boh


The Struggle Continues

11 thoughts on “AMBAZONIA CALLING #35 FEB 3 2019”

  1. I've been hearing about this guy Boh Herbert. Could you please sit for a moment and think. You are completely out of rail concerning this Revolution. You are against the people of British Southern Cameroon by carefully selecting the people your working with and their reactions except Tata Menta who I respect very much. Be careful with your presentations and the people. Ambazonians are 100 percent with the IG making it difficult for Lrc to dialog . I don't hate you but wake up. Keep funding GZ.

  2. One-man shows may be good but can never trump team work. Good music flows from an orchestra meticulously put together so that piano, microphone, guitar and the rest deliver harmony. Good governance puts together skills and talents to listen to and meet the needs of a people. Ambazonia Calling is good teamwork put together by professional savvy to entertain, educate and put the people where they aspire to be. Bravo to teamwork. Bravo to well researched news items delivered without breaking the eardrums of listeners.

  3. This is more or less Cameroon calling.

    A lot of us are well passed this nostalgia. We want something uniquely Ambazonian. And by the way, what's up with a crew almost entirely from one zone, the northern zone? It is even more worrying when you consider the fact that, they reporters Come from one tribe.

  4. Boh herbt who killed our beloved gen. Ivo away from the battle field? Why haven't your so call "Cameroon calling" not been able, until now, to investigate with your team of super journalists into this heavy tragedy of Late Gen Ivo!!!! That said , I however do respect our veteran journalist Papa Tata Mentang who BROKE the ice of The Amba Slavery by LRC in the yesteryear of CRtV when the voice of the voiceless Ambazonians were a tabu to be heard in LRC!!! Papa Tata DID THAT WITH HIS BELOVED COLLEAGUE OF BLESSED MEMORY Papa SAM NAVAL FONKEM. UNTIL NOW AND DESPITE YOUR "CAMEROON CALLING INTRIGUES" OUR VETERAN JOURNALIST PAPA TATA MENTANG FROM HIS WRITE UPs HE PRESENTS IN YOUR "MAFIA CALLING" IS STILL STANDING HIS GROUNDS ON OBJECTIVE AND FACTUAL REPORTS. THIS IS THE ONLY REPORTER WHOM ANYONE LISTENING TO THIS YOUR "THING" WANTS TO LISTENED TO PAPA TATA's OBJECTIVE AND WELL RESEARCHED REPORTS.
    DO U boh herbt think that Eric Tataw or the IG are too strong to dictate onto the GZ? Never! If GZ did not decide by themselves on the shutdown as their new strategy there's no one person out here in the name of diaspora who can dictate to GZ because GZ is the one feeling the heat and not the diaspora who sing from the comfort of their rooms or cars!
    Boh herbt if the GZ weren't intelligent as u think they aren't as much as you are, would the GZ had sustained biya declared war for more than 3 years running now? and living in the cold, sustaining injuries and under feeding but still remaining resilience? ?????? What are u people talking about? The GZ are still able to counter the military strategies put up by LRC highly trained and militarised army and u dare claimed that it is the diaspora who are dictating onto GZ the strategies of shutting down??? Can any of u out there hold a gun and not to mentioned have the courage to face LRC trained and suffisticatedly armed soldiers??? ?? Did u herbt hear that the GZ is crying out that LRC army is now dressing up in civilian dresses and that its difficult to know who is who amongst the civilians???? How can u now think that GZ would be able to distinguish their enemies from the civilians? So for GZ to see their enemies they have asked all civilians to stay indoors or escape to other countries so that anyone seen on the street of ambazonia is an enemy. Isn't that a simple mathematics or call it Algebra??? Our days in college??
    Would I be right now to DECLARE U HERBT THE NYAMFEHKAAH OF THIS WEEK RUNNING??? "SO JUST STAY QIET" a phrase I've borrowed from the Righteous Louis Farraghan who stands for the truth . Please Google his name and get some more knowledge from his discourses so as to be able to convert yourself into a balanced reporter!!!!.

  5. Boh herbt stop that your northwest divide team sabotage and remove our reputable journalist Papa Tata Mentang from that your lrc surrogates so call one battery journalists.. Unfortunately for u herbt and your surrogates, the southern zone are very busy defending their petrol zone as your so call "calling" is none events to them.U have been paid to breed the divide and rule of the two zones like in the north and south Sudan scenario so that there will be and endless war while u are on the payroll of lrc fanning the divide. Else why is it that there are no journalists from southern zone reporting in your team???? We need your explanation please!

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