One thought on “AMBAZONIA CALLING #68 NOV 03 2019”

  1. Dr Sako IG group is like a curse on the Ambazonia struggle benn on taking the leed despite their negativities in management strategies. Just the fact that key leading members of this Sako IG group has an evil thoughts against some of theirs in the same struggle, gives enough reason for doubting their contribution to Ambazonia achieving the independent they highly desire to have.This key individuals like Dr Sako and Chris Anu has an extremely divisive ideology in their thinking towards the revolution, following the explanation given by Dr Akwanga that has gone viral in his audio explanation. This is absolutely unacceptable in the concept of unitary action in this revolution. This negative behaviour must be stamp out immediately if we must collectively move forward as a family fighting for the same course. It's shameful and scandalous.

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