1. Thank you Boh Herbert and the team. Proud of you. Please share a link at which we can donate to support this initiative. Please bring more veterans on board. We are thirsty for these kinds of reports.

  2. Thank you Mr Boh Herbert for exposing the evil deeds of this barbaric regime headed by a tyrant in the name of Paul biya.Ambazonia calling is schooling that nonsense called Cameroon calling.We will live free or die fighting.God bless Ambazonia.

  3. Just happy and optimistic listening to this beautiful program more courage brothers I think we should publicized that letter especially to the US so that the world should see the naive and evil man leading the UN .If not why did he suspend Marthew Lee ???

  4. Chaiii, Papa God, thk you for this amba team. Groundnut oil runs down my heart like the menchum fall. God bless you BH with your team. we shall live free or die fighting. Some of us uneducated cuz of the close of Fonader and today, we just shout hallelujah to God for our parents who could still struggle to educate you pple to make us proud today.

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