Ambazonia Child Soldier – Exhibit D – Momo Child soldier

5 months ago

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A M B A Z O N I A – C H I L D – S O L D I E R S
Exhibit D
This is the Momo Child soldier that was paraded in their propaganda videos, it is my understanding that the child was killed by the military (of course Amba fools started crying “Genocide”.) He is FRONT and center in this video.. FACT!
This is hopefully going to put to rest, the LIES that Ambazonia doesn’t use Child Soldiers. I come with evidence, NOT Opinion. But FACTS!
I edited this video since December 2018, but forgot to Upload it, so.. here.. it is..
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11 thoughts on “Ambazonia Child Soldier – Exhibit D – Momo Child soldier”

  1. Biya essaye de torpiller la révolution de l'Ambazone avec des coups tordus. Ils essayent de faire des montages ridicules oubliant que nous sommes en alerte, nous sommes prêts et déterminés à exposer tous ces faussaires aux yeux du monde entier.

    Il ya l'incident de Bangourain avec des amba boys dansant avec ces mêmes populations qui voient leurs maisons partir en fumée. Le lendemain, on nous montre une moto trainant un cadavre digne de photoshop pour provoquer une lutte inter communautaire et faire porter le chapeau à la révolution Ambazonienne, mais niet les populations ne tombent pas dans le piège. ils montrent un gamin de 6 ans avec une arme pour dire que les Amba recrutent des enfant soldats. Ils oublient que c'est Biya lui même qui fabrique ces guerriers. Chaque personne que tu tue donne naissance à des dizaines de guerriers de la vengeance, surtout dans une telle situation.(Echec lamentable de Biya)

  2. The criminal manipulators based in the USA (Eric Tataw,Sako IKOME,Chris Anu,Tapang Ivo….)are using child soldiers as strategy for fundraising.when child soldiers are killed the criminal diasporians will put videos of the dead child soldiers on social media and start lying,saying the army breaks into a house and kill all family members and children then they ask for fund to support the war.they will not say those children killed were child soldiers.we thank GOD that the truth is coming out with this media Ma KONTRI PIPO DEM

  3. Criminals and cowards are hiding abroad and encouraging wickedness in our mother land called armed liberation. They are not liberating the motherland, they are sabotaging the motherland. All responsible anglophones must rise against this wickedness.

  4. General biabia and many others in this video have been killed. Anyone joining ambazonia fighters on GZ is signing a contract with death. Ambazonia will forever remain a social media republic.

  5. Ambazonians have sold their souls to the devil to help them to achieve independence. The evidence is clear: child soldiers, beheadings, hand/finger chopping, school closures, business closures or ghost towns, infrastructure destruction and so on. Ambazonia is doomed.

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