14 thoughts on “#Ambazonia Confusion – This is childish – This is just embarrassing now. The new South Sudan Madness”

  1. So painful when you realize that beautiful young lives are being wasted for this madness. Giving independence to these individuals, and South Sudan will be a beautiful walk in the park, or a cruise in the Bahamas.

  2. If by MIRACLE these FOOLS are given indepence then the genocide going on in south sudan will be child's play compared to what will happen in ambazonia.Bakweri against bayangi(sako/sisuku), northwest against south west (adf /socadef… ), Christian against muslim ( wum), activist against activist (tataw/tapang,…….The list of conflicts is inexhaustive .The chaos reigning now amongst them is a clear indication of greater Madness if at all they miracoulously get free.God Forbid!

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