Ambazonia defense council addresses pertinent issues to the people

5 months ago

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Ambazonia / Southern Cameroons news.
All the Videos Here are about the Southern Cameroon struggle Which is Currently Going On! We pray an Hope For a Liberated Southern Cameroon One day an We are Calling for Dialogue within the Two Regions of Cameroons!

We are Against the ADF (Ambazonian Defense Force) and Denounce All their Atrocities committed against the Army an People of Cameroon.

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We also Denounce the Atrocities committed by the Cameroonian Army against the Anglophone People of Cameroon.


The Struggle Continues

6 thoughts on “Ambazonia defense council addresses pertinent issues to the people”

  1. The IG had ban ADD & SPCADEF. Didn't I hear? Until u tell the world why your Gen.Ivo was killed away from the battle front with his weapon in hand and without his lieutenants with him. Until u tell the world what ADF & SOCADEF did on going IVO.

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