16 thoughts on “Ambazonia First not a leader or a group”

  1. Yes very true: In a revolution leaders emerge. Note that Dr Sako Ikome is not the president of ambazonia, he is the president of IG. If they do not meet our expectations, we have the right to drop them out.

    Words would no longer convince us. Actions and results would. So let us focus on strategies that work and not leaders.

  2. Mr Carr never mind anglophones some of them have nothing to show except those degrees in their pockets but cannot use their degrees to create jobs for their community.

  3. Good talk Car. Please since the God is leading our struggle, I think we should follow the Bible all along. I think our brother Eric Tataw should take the title of SUPREME JUDGE. Beyond Jusua came the JUDGES. From all indicate Eric did not emerge as commander but as a Judge. Follow through this. If Eric could consult the book of Judges this is where he fit in.

    So we advice that he change the title to SUPREME JUDGE. As a biblical Supreme Judge Eric will actually to his military monitoring. The judges in the Bible were actually military defenders.

    God bless you and Ambalander.

    God is leading us

  4. Please mr carr can you explain this county by county to mr mboh herbert so he should stop calling eric as a nyamfuka in all his ambazonian calling broadcast? How can county by county be tribalistic?

  5. Comrade Car Revolution Leaders emerge that's very true as the actions grow on ground Zero. Eric Tataw's actions in the revolution and the population he commands in the battle ground Zero permits him to become a Leader. What makes one a Leader?, it's contribution to make things work, simple.

  6. I think Elvis Ngolle Ngolle need political lessons from you and i wish you could most of the time use your platform for mental operation, so many people have been mentally brain wash by LRC and France

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