#Ambazonia Gen Ivo. No Elections in #Cameroon

8 months ago

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General Ivo, is the leader/Commander in chief of the #Ambazonian armed forces. This gentleman is currently considered as the most wanted English speaking cameroonian. He is leading the arm group that are a clamouring for a separate state in #Cameroon called #Ambazonia.

The crisis in cameroon started about two years ago, with the lawyers and later joined by the teachers demanding for reforms. The government responded with repression. Today, it’s totally a different scenario. Cameroon seems to be in a silent war.

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Now, hundreds have already sacrificed their human existence, including the military and top government officials.

Many are calling on the government to dialogue with the leaders, but the government still remains silent in their eloquent.

Well, we hope to see peace return to that part of the continent. The goals of this platform is not to take side but to report the naked

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The Struggle Continues

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