Ambazonia: Honest Cameroonian tells the Truth

3 weeks ago

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This us what he says in Brief:
– From the start there were 2 Cameroons: the British Southern Cameroon & the French Cameroon.
– On the 1st of October 1961 when the British Southern Cameroon had it’s independence, there were asked by the British to either join Nigeria or Join the French Cameroon as a Federation.
– The southern Cameroons chosed to join the French Cameroon as the 2 countries were culturally close.
– Southern Cameroon Governed itself in the Union with Cameroon from 1961 until 1972 when oil was discovered in Limbe a coastal own in southern Cameroon.
– Ahidjo who was then president of Cameroon decided to fully unite the 2 cameroons and the abrogate the federal system through a referendum.
– This was successful as Cameroon’s population was larger than that of the southern cameroon, hence more votes for the referendum.
– In an attempt to calm the Anglophones down, Ahidjo appointed S.T Muna as the vice president, etc.
– The end of the federal system signified at end to the Autonomy of Southern Cameroon and hence an end to their authority over their natural resources.
– John Ngu Foncha had written a letter to the Ahidjo regime stating the negative impacts of the referendum to cancel the Federal system on the economy and development of Southern Cameroon.
– Ahidjo did try to sustain the projects of development Foncha has sighted.
– In 1982 when Paul Biya took over, he completely neglected and marginalized the Anglophones… and this made the southern cameroons unhappy.
– This could have been reversed if the regime of Dictator Paul Biya had let Ni John Fru Ndi who had rightfully won the 1992 presidential elections rule the country. He was cheated and sidelined.
– In 2016 the Anglophones had had enough as all jobs, Justice & educational systems etc. Were being converted to the french system in an attempt to completely wipe out the Anglosaxon system of the Southern Cameroons.

He finally concluded that “Southern Cameroon has a legitimate claim of Independence “.


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The Struggle Continues

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